Firearm Sales & Services

Business hours:

Our facility is open to active/retired law enforcement and military personnel with proof of ID. We are open from Monday to Thursday 9AM-3PM and Friday 9AM-1PM. All calls that go to voice mail will be returned during business hours. Calls and emails received after hours will be returned the next business day.

FFL Transfers:

We gladly accept FFL transfers from other dealers. If you plan on using Arms Unlimited as your transferring FFL we do require that you notify us beforehand. PLEASE BE INFORMED: If a firearm is sent to us without prior approval by Arms Unlimited staff the firearm will be returned to the original dealer at your cost. This allows us to determine who the firearm is for and gives us the opportunity to gather some information including who to notify when the firearm arrives. You also might be able to get the firearm for less direct from Arms Unlimited so feel free to ask for pricing / availability.
Ordering a firearm from an out of area dealer will consist of the following:

1) Provide us with the other parties information in order to verify details about the transaction.
2) Provide our FFL to the other dealer. Once these two steps are complete the firearm can be shipped, when it is received by us, we will contact you to set up an appointment to start your paperwork.

In order to start the paperwork, you will need to have the required documentation:
• Valid Driver's License
• Law Enforcement/Military Credentials
• Valid Nevada CCW

FFL transfer fees:

$25 NICS Background Check (waived for CCW holders)
FFL Fee for Transfer: $20 for up to three firearms

NOTE: Sales tax is not due if the firearm is coming from a private party as an occasional sale and the individual is not engaged in the business of selling firearms.

Sales tax and firearms:

Sales Tax must be collected on the price of the firearm (including shipping) if purchased from a business and the tax has not already been paid, regardless of whether the other business is in Nevada or not, this does not apply if purchased from a private party if it is an occasional sale (need letter stating this). Sales tax also must be collected on the FFL fee if the firearm is subject to sales tax.

Firearm related policies:

Cancellation/Denial Policy: If you have a firearm on layaway or you have started your 4473, Form3, or Form4 and either cancel or get denied, you will incur a 15% cancellation/denial fee. NICS and any FFL transfer fees are non-refundable.

Special Order Policy All special orders placed require a 50% payment before order.

Storage Fees: $10 per day for firearms left over 60 days without prior arrangement. Items left over 60 days will be considered abandoned property and will be sold for storage fees.